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Additional services: If you need something that’s not listed, just ask the company. They can provide assistance with a variety of other bookkeeping services to help your business run smoothly.  

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One-on-one training: The Company offers one-on-one training with a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor at an affordable price. They will assess your level of experience, identify the tools and features you should be using, and teach you to use QuickBooks for maximized efficiency and profitability. QuickBooks classes: The company offers hands-on training classes taught by Certified QuickBooks […]

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Identifying possible efficiency improvements in company accounting and operations: This service involves identifying areas where the accounting system and business operations can be made more efficient.

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Daily cash flow reporting and weekly cash review process: This service involves monitoring the cash flow of the business and providing daily reports and weekly reviews. Monitoring accounts receivable and payables aging reports: This service involves monitoring accounts receivable and payables aging reports to ensure that payments are received and made on time. Coordination with […]

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Assistance with third-party invoicing, investing, bill pay or service integration: This service involves helping businesses integrate third-party invoicing investing or bill pay services into their accounting systems.  

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Periodic reviews, clean up, and organization of bookkeeping system: This service involves periodically reviewing, cleaning up, and organizing the bookkeeping system to ensure that it remains accurate and up-to-date.  

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Monthly or quarterly transaction processing and account reconciliation: This service involves processing transactions and reconciling accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis. General ledger maintenance and financial reporting: This service involves maintaining the general ledger, preparing financial statements, and providing reports on the financial status of the business. Payroll administration and accounts payable/receivable management: This […]

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QuickBooks software setup and customization for businesses: This service involves setting up QuickBooks software for businesses and customizing it to meet their specific needs. Personalized training for employees on QuickBooks software: This service involves providing training sessions for employees on how to use QuickBooks software effectively.