Life Together

If there’s one thing me and my beautiful bride have learned in our short time together, it’s the importance of being “together”.  While life has taught us both some tough lessons about trust, faithfulness and forgiveness, we continue to enjoy just being together.  Maybe it has something to do with leaving our familiar surroundings, or maybe it’s the fact that we are still newlyweds!  Either way, we are still learning to be together without smothering each other.

We read recently in Galatians 5:26… Let us not become conceited, or provoke one another, or be jealous of one another.  Some unusual wisdom from an unmarried man don’t you think?  I try to lead Christie in prayer every morning, asking the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom on how to serve one another.  If we plan to do life together for a lifetime, then we must never take each other for granted.  Nor can we afford to be overly sensitive and stifle the freedom that Paul speaks about in Galatians.  As you do life together today, please enjoy being together, and savor every moment!

Ronnie & Christie Bruce

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